Diapers for Triplets

Photo by: Funky Shapes'

Yesterday I received a email from my mother-in-law, Trudy, it's a request for triplets' diapers. She writes: 

"Dear Friends and Family,

Some weeks ago as Andrew and I were leaving his doctor's office I met a nice lady toting 3 beautiful identical triplet girls - quite a handful !  I admired them as we walked by but as I was climbing into the car I was impressed to go back and speak further with her.  I discovered that she was the grandmother and the guardian and that the babies were nearly 10 months old.  They received assistance for formula and were well fed and growing.   Furthering questioning revealed that  in spite of county assistance, keeping up with their needs was a tremendous challenge for this grandmother.  "Although I don't have a lot, I'd like to help in some way," I said.

 "The Lord must have sent you!" was her response.  I discovered that many people had helped at first and provided plenty of summer clothing, but now as it grew colder they had nearly nothing warmer to wear for the winter months.  Someone had recently provided two snowsuits, another person had sent a coat but it had no pants.  They would still need mittens, hats, and daily outfits with legs and long sleeves.

However, their greatest need was for diapers .   At ten months, the babies use about 10 diapers per day.  Do the math and we are talking about 900 diapers per month!  That is 3 large boxes of diapers per baby or 9 large boxes of diapers for all three babies per month!  They are wearing the size 3 diapers for babies 16-28 lbs.  Walmart sells that size online, Parent's Choice seemed the best buy,  in a large box of 96 diapers, delivered free to your door for $13.97 or 3 boxes for $41.91.    For $125.73 we could provide a month's worth of diapers.  I'd like to take her two months worth or 18 large boxes.  With my daughter Rachel's help we have 5 boxes right now.  I need 13 more.  Would you like to help me?

If you feel able, perhaps you and two friends could purchase 3 clothing outfits in a size 9-12 months.  I'm going to go shopping this week and get the first set of three sleepers.  Also,if you know of anyone who would be willing to donate girls clothing that their baby has outgrown, we could add that, too.  Wouldn't hurt to include some toys, either!  Maybe I can also think of something nice for the grandmother who has taken on this trifecta challenge.   A nice scarf, some holiday treats.  Any suggestions?

Times are tight, I know.  May the Lord richly bless and multiply your resources as you share whatever you are able...

Love, Trudy"

If you'd like to help, please contact her via email at, teachertrudy(at)hotmail(dot)com.