Collage Donation

The Matthew's House (who serves at risk youth) is having their annual fundraiser.  Part of the auction will be garden related objects decorated by artists.  I decided to do a collage this year.  It doesn't tie in with my message of bringing awareness to cancer and health.  It's more girl power--rah, rah, rah, gooooooGIRLS.  I guess I used my creative license for this project.  But using your message, you can try a similar collage technique.

You can view a bigger and better version of this video at:  My Vimeo

Instructions for Collage:

1.  Choose a base for your collage -- I used a wood tray to go with the garden theme needed for the fundraiser.

2.  Collect your materials -- After creating the drawings I scanned and printed them on a yellowish construction paper (I wanted to keep the originals).

3.  Use scissors, X-acto knife, or tear the paper and arrange the paper art how you want it on the base -- I chose to tear the paper by hand and also used a ruler to give it a rough jagged edge.

4.  Apply lots of glue to each item --  My glue of choice is Mod Podge (comes in a gloss or matte finish).

5.  Layer additional embellishments, paint, use ink or marker, etc --  I added diluted acrylic paint to create a light water color affect.

6.  Seal or final finish --  Again Mod Podge to the rescue.  It's the best for everything, really, they aren't even paying me for this endorsement.  

The event, Cultivate Hope, will be May 6 at the Garden's on Spring Creek, 2145 Centre Ave, Fort Collins, CO.   For more info visit: