This is Pretty Rad

I found this graffiti in the mecca of downtown Loveland.  It's in an ally where drug deals go down and people are gettin' dropped.  Nah, we aren't that hard.  Actually this is the first graffiti art, or any graffiti, I've seen in the alleys.  I love it!

I wanted you to notice how this is temporary graffiti.  I zoomed in on the flower so you can see the edges of the poster--this art has not been spray painted on the wall.  Putting your message out there does not mean you need to deface or destroy property.  So, to make an all natural removable sticker use "wheat paste" (the recipe is below).

Comments or thoughts on the artists message in this graffiti?  Or just go wild and create your own rad graffiti with a message.

Wheat Paste Recipe:
1/3 cup white flour
1 cup water
container with lid
and your image or poster

1. Pour flour into your container and add most of the water.  Stir with spoon until the mixture has the consistency of glue like paste.  If it's to thick add the rest of the water.  If it's watery add more flour.  Cover the container with the lid to prevent it from drying out.
2. Paint the surface you want to adhere your poster to with a layer of paste.  Immediately smooth your poster on top of it.  Be sure that the corners are sticking.  Then brush a thin layer of paste over your poster to weatherproof it.  Wahlah, your done!  Just be sure you wear black and run from the blue and red lights.  (Disclaimer: this is not advice from Hopkins Law)