Post Your Message

The blog post today is my challenge to you to post your message in a public forum like Linked-In/Facebook/Twitter/Your Blog...who knows who it will affect.

My yoga classes have made me more conscious (no pun intended) of taking a moment to breathe deeply when feeling stressed or anxious.  Although, I am seriously horrible at meditating for an extended period of time.  My first attempt at meditating was a 15 minute group session.  All I could think about was the itch on my nose, the burning sensation in my back, and when I could move.  It hasn't changed my life but hopefully I'll get better as my yoga training continues...or else.  I haven't taken the time to understand the science behind what happens in the brain when meditating.  But I have no doubt that it's all good.  The link below is a great article and reminder to be still and take a breather.