A Message for the World this New Year

A clean slate, a fresh start, and a new addition to the blog: to provide guerilla art like challenges and creative project ideas.  This is my challenge for myself and for you too.  Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I promise, you can do these creative tasks.  Or maybe you are an experienced artist and need an exercise to jump start your day.  No matter which category you fall into, I will be posting creative challenges or exercises for you to tackle.  Be sure you leave a post in the comments section or a post with a direct link to your blog or website that talks about your experience.

The intent of the creative challenge is to express yourself while also affecting your environment.  Our modern culture is overwhelming with mass communication and advertising.  We are almost forced to tune it all out.  The challenge then becomes how do you reconnect with your environment?  How can you be heard and make your mark?  I believe by empowering yourself to take matters into your own hands.  For me, art is my power, my talent, my passion.  I can affect and alter my environment by making art that is accessible and free to everyone.  It’s not just me, you can do it too, anyone can do it if you care enough about something.

My first challenge to you is to decide what you’d like to communicate to the world.