Group Show at Sizzle & Bang Gallery in Denver

Artist Transforms Ugliness
Cell structure is imperceptible to the naked eye, yet, artist Angela Canada Hopkins has found beauty in the microscopic abnormalities of the cell.  Cancer took her father in 2001 and Canada Hopkins therapeutically began to explore colorful fatal structures of the cancer cell.  Ironically, she discovered a bittersweet beauty and was compelled to paint.  Canada Hopkins’ poignant and beautiful portrayal of cancerous cells is truly distinctive – a must see!
Selected works from the Cancerous Art series will be on display at the Sizzle & Bang Gallery “Look In…Look Out” group exhibition, February 5 through March 26, 767 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO, 80204.  Additional artists in the show include, Kenneth Crumley, Maria Lopez, Roger Rapp, Lelija Roy, and Viral.
For additional information about Angela Canada Hopkins visit her website, for a complete biography and resume.