Dear Readers,
I am so excited because I came up with an idea to streamline the process from initial client intereaction to creation of product: A Styleguide. I really can't believe I didn't think of this sooner since I worked, and still freelance for, Fibre Craft. I've done styleguides for them (See Exibit A and B). I've seen large corporations styleguides such as Target and WalMart. Why can't little me have one too? Duh.
So, check back for future posts about ideas I've been inspired with to create a styleguide including icons, colors, patters, and fonts. I will still be offering any individualized art for anybody looking for something specific. But I think this will help streamline the process for visually showing people what could be on a birth announcement for instance, or their childs wall, or on a onsie for a baby, etc. Plus, it will help me develop my creativity. Instead of always being an artist for someone else. Hopefully it'll help me find "my style" too.
Creatively yours and still growing,