Life is Good

Here is the final Kurtis Loomis business cards that he chose. Most appropriate for an attorney.

Today is Friday and I was thinking back over the week. I didn't have a client at the beginning of the week and thought I would be spending most of the week catching up on "to do's" i have been putting off. But then a mother called wanting her daughters princess birthday invitations designed right away. In a half an hour of getting off the phone I rushed to meet her. I finished printing and assembling her invitations yesterday and put it in the mail today.

I also hung my individual series of paintings in an restaurant right below my apartment. The owner likes colorful things. So when I saw her newly remodled shop, I though my paintings would go well. I don't expect to sell any, but at least they aren't sitting in my apartment taking up space.

So for thinking I would have a laid back week, things seemed to keep popping up. But can I just say . . . I LOVE what I do. I am so happy I am self-employed. I get to do what I want and what I love most: creating. Then I have the satisfaction of delivering a final product that the client is happy with. I am so lucky. Life is good.